PVC cable-Polyvinyl Chloride

PVC cable materials and applications

Pvc is widely used for insulation and sheathing outside the cable. Pvc cable has a variety of uses, can be used to fix home wiring, construction engineering wire.
Pvc cable can be customized in a variety of colors, sizes, and conductor materials. And whether the PVC material is fire resistant and low smoke and halogen-free. Pvc insulation is widely used in the cable industry because of its good insulation properties.

PVC insulation has a certain amount of corona resistance due to its good insulation properties, so it is often used and is most suitable for medium and low voltage cables and insertion insulation requirements.

The insulation and jacket materials of PVC cables include their chemical stability, ruggedness, and durability.

SanHeng Cable Co., Ltd. manufactures various PVC cables, including PVC insulated cable, PVC flat cables, single-core PVC insulated cables, PVC insulated power and control cables, and PVC multi-core flexible cables. A vinyl chloride insulated single-strand cable. purpose. Solid stranded copper wire PVC cable.

These products are made of high-quality materials and are available at competitive prices. The products we provide are quality tested and have ISO certification, CCC certification, and CE certification. The products are well received by customers.

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PVC household cable

Audio Speaker Cable structure

Audio Speaker Cable

Twisted Flexible Cable structure

Twisted Flexible Cable

PVC Power Cable

4 core swa cable structure

SWA Armoured Cable

The sheath is made of PVC material.

for laying underground along the route with different levels, able to bear external mechanical force and Strong pulling force.

4 core sta cable structure

STA Cable

The sheath is made of PVC material.

For laying underground, able to bear external mechanical force, but unable to bear large pulling force.

Control Cable

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