What are the benefits of using rubber insulated cables?

What are the benefits of using rubber insulated cables?

Unmatched flexibility of other ordinary cables;
Has excellent electrical insulation properties and chemical stability;
Have better physical and mechanical properties and wear resistance;
By adding special rubber compounding agent, it can meet the high requirements of oil resistance, flame retardancy, cold resistance, heat resistance and so on.

Rubber sheathed cables are made of natural rubber materials. Cables made of natural rubber materials have good oil resistance and wear resistance, and also have the advantages of waterproof. They are suitable for outdoor, oily environment and other occasions.

rubber cable
rubber cable

But nowadays, synthetic rubber is often used. Synthetic rubber is cheap to build, and its performance is similar to natural rubber. It has a high cost performance and is widely substituted for natural rubber.

Rubber has been used as a cable insulation and jacket material for a long time, far before other insulation materials (such as PVC and PE) can be widely used. It is still widely used in household and industrial applications.

Originally, natural rubber was used, but now it has been replaced by various synthetic rubbers.
All rubbers are thermoset or crosslinked through a process called vulcanization. As thermosetting materials, they do not soften or melt when heated.

By adding various additives (including fillers, vulcanizing agents, accelerators, antioxidants and anti-ozonants), the performance of these base rubbers can be significantly changed.
Typical rubber cable compounds include natural rubber, SBR or styrene-butadiene rubber, butyl, EPR or ethylene-propylene rubber, silicone, polychloroprene, chlorosulfonated polyethylene (PCP) and fluorocarbon.

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