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SanHeng cable is mainly used to transmit electrical energy or signals.

SanHeng Cable provides you with more than 30 kinds of wire and cable, including 6 kinds of power cables, 3 kinds of overhead cables, 9 kinds of building household wires, 5 kinds of control cables and 5 kinds of rubber cables.

Our engineers can also provide custom cables according to your needs.

Contact Us , We will provide you with the best price based on the price of raw materials for the day.

Power Cable

4 core swa cable structure

SWA Armoured Cable

4 core sta cable structure

STA-Steel Tape Armoured Cable

Four core round pvc power cable structure

PVC Insulated Cable

Flexible Power Cable structure

Flexible Power Cable

Aluminum core power cable structure

AL XLPE Power Cable

4 core extruded Power Cable cable structure

CU XLPE Power Cable

Aerial Cable

2 core abc cable structure

Aerial Bundled Cable

Black insulated aac cable structure

AAC Conductor Cable

acsr cable structure

ACSR Conductor Cable

Building Cable

Aluminum PVC Insulated Cable structure

Aluminum PVC Insulated Cable

Single Core PVC Insulated Cable structure

Single Core Cable

Aluminum Flat Cable structure

Aluminum Flat Cable

Copper conductor Twin and Earth Cable structure

Twin and Earth Cable

Single Core Flexible Cable structure

Single Core Flexible Cable

Flexible Flat Cable structure

Flexible Flat Cable

PVC Insulated Wire

Audio Speaker Cable structure

Audio Speaker Cable

Twisted Flexible Cable structure

Twisted Flexible Cable

Multicore PVC Cable

5-core flexible unshielded cable structure

Flexible Unshielded Cable

Multicore Solid Cable structure

Multicore Solid Cable

4-core high flexible cable structure

Multicore High Flexible Cable

Multicore Flexible Cable structure

Multicore Flexible Cable

Control Cable

TUV Solar cable

Unshielded control cable structure

Solid Unshielded Control Cable

Transparent audio cable structure

Transparent Audio Cable

Transparent Shielding Control Cable structure

Transparent Shielding Control Cable

2-core instrument cable structure

Instrument cable

Rubber Cable

Rubber Sheathed Cable Structure

Rubber Sheathed Cable

4 Core Submersible pump cable structure

Submersible Pump Cable

Silicone wire structure

Silicone Wire

Black flat elevator cable

Flat Elevator Cable

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