What are the benefits of XLPE insulated cables?

What are the benefits of XLPE insulated cables?

Long-term working temperature is higher; mechanical properties are better; aging resistance is stronger.

XLPE or Cross-linked polyethylene is a thermoset insulation material.

Cross-linked polyethylene insulation uses chemical or physical methods to change the polyethylene molecule from a linear molecular structure to a three-dimensional network structure.

From thermoplastic materials to thermosetting materials, the working temperature is increased from 70 ℃ to 90 ℃, significantly improving the performance of the material.

Polyethylene (PE) material itself has excellent dielectric strength, high insulation resistance, and a low dissipation factor at all frequencies making it an ideal insulator, however, it is limited in its temperature range. Cross-linking the PE to become XLPE increases the temperature range of the insulation whilst maintaining the electrical properties.

XLPE raw particles
XLPE raw particles

The heat resistance of the cable with cross-linked polyethylene as insulation is higher than that of PVC. It can be used for a long time at 90 ℃, and the maximum heat-resistance temperature during short circuit can reach 250 ℃;

High insulation resistance, small dielectric loss tangent, basically does not change with temperature changes;

Has good wear resistance and resistance to environmental stress cracking.
Once the cross-linked polyethylene burns the cable, carbon dioxide and water are generated, while the PVC cable burns the harmful gas of hydrogen chloride;

In addition, the density of cross-linked polyethylene is about 40% lower than that of PVC, which can significantly reduce the quality of overhead lines.

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