Rubber Cable

Rubber cables are wires and cables with rubber as the insulation and sheath.

Power cables, control and signal cables, marine cables, aeronautical cables, mining cables, and installation wires are divided according to use. The insulation layer and sheath are made of natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, ethylene-propylene rubber, etc. In addition to meeting the insulation and physical and mechanical properties, they need to be resistant to aging and wear, and some products require oil resistance and flame resistance. Wires and cables are generally extruded and continuously vulcanized. Products are used in various industries.

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Rubber Sheathed Cable Structure

Rubber Sheathed Cable

4 Core Submersible pump cable structure

Submersible Pump Cable

Silicone wire structure

Silicone Wire

Black flat elevator cable

Flat Elevator Cable

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