How to use cable connectors?

  1. What are the insulation materials for making cable terminations or intermediate joints?

    There are insulating rubber, insulating tape, insulating tube, insulating gloves, insulating resin, etc.

Cable connector manufacturing process

Preliminary preparation

  1. Read the installation instructions
  2. Observing the scene environment
  3. Prepare materials
  4. Test cable moisture resistance
  5. Pre-production test

Cable connector production

  1. Cut off excess cable
  2. Stripping of the cable protection layer
  3. Conductor connection
  4. Wrap insulation (or shrink tubing)
  5. Mounting connector housing
  6. Infusion of insulating agent
  7. Sealing

Electrical test after production

Making yellow wax ribbons, black glass paint strips, alkali-free glass ribbons for cable joints, etc. How to carry out moisture treatment before construction?

Constant temperature drying method: The insulating tape is rolled into a small roll with a diameter of 25 to 30 mm, and placed in a constant temperature drying oven at 110 to 120 ° C for 4 to 5 hours, cooled and taken out, and placed in a dry sealed cylinder.

Oil immersion method: put a small coil of insulation tape into the cable oil at a constant temperature of 120~130 °C, keep a distance of 30mm from the bottom of the pot, after a certain period of time, the oil no longer produces foam and then take it out and put it into storage. In tanks with cable oil, the oil level should exceed all loaded objects and seal them.

How many ways to improve the electric field distribution at the break of the sheath in power cable joints of 35kv and below?

  1. Expanding the bell mouth
  2. Reserve turnkey insulation
  3. Cut off the semiconductive paper
  4. Wrapped stress cone
  5. Equipotential method
  6. Install the stress control tube

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