What are the common cable usage classifications?

What are the common cable usage classifications?

The use can be divided into bare wires, insulated wires, heat-resistant wires, shielded wires, power cables, control cables, communication cables, RF cables, and the like.

What kind of insulated wire?

Commonly used insulating materials are generally: PVC, PE, XLPE, etc.

PVC: Polyvinyl chloride

PE: polyethylene

There are commonly used insulated wires: polyvinyl chloride insulated wire, PVC insulated cord, nitrile polyvinyl chloride mixture insulated cord, rubber insulated wire, agricultural underground direct buried aluminum core plastic insulated wire, rubber insulated cotton yarn textile soft Wire, PVC insulated nylon sheathed wire, PVC insulated cord for power and lighting, etc.

When do you use cable trays?

Industrial and mining enterprises lay overhead power cables and control cables indoors and outdoors.

Or used in telecommunications, radio and television and other departments to erect indoors and outdoors.

Q: Can you provide me with a list of cable accessories?


  • Cable terminal junction box
  • Cable intermediate junction box
  • Connecting pipe and terminal block
  • Steel plate connection slot
  • Cable tray

What is the electrical mains wiring?

The main electrical wiring is the connection method of the main electrical equipment and busbar in the power plant and substation, including the connection method of the main busbar and the plant power system according to certain functional requirements.

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