Aerial bundled cable(ABC) cable

One type of overhead cable when air-bundled, also known as air-bundled wire or ABC. It is bundled with multiple insulated conductors. There is usually a bare neutral conductor in between.

As a kind of overhead cable, air bundled cable is mainly used for power transmission and is used for urban construction. Such as street lighting power supply, outdoor lighting power supply and temporary construction services.

Air bundled cable application

Three reasons to use air bundled cables:

  1. Air bundled cables are ideal for overhead power cables for power transmission.
  2. Air bundled cables work much like bundled conductors, but they are tightly coupled.
  3. The air bundled cables are almost in contact but are insulated from each other.

Especially outdoors, erected in the air. ABC cable can withstand strong winds, heavy snow, and other bad weather so that short circuits do not occur.

We are a professional manufacturer of Aerial bundled cables. If you need to use Aerial bundled cables to build outdoor power transmission, you can Contact Us , you can provide the model specifications you need, and also provide us with the use environment, and other relevant conditions. Our engineers will pick the right Aerial bundled cables for you.

How to install Aerial bundled cables

Installing the Serial bundled cables is a few steps, anchoring clamps for Aerial bundled cables,
Midspan joints for Aerial bundled cables,
Distribution box for Aerial bundled cables,
Suspension clamps for Aerial bundled cables.
SanHeng Cable has selected several videos from YouTube.

How to install Anchoring Clamps for Aerial Bundled Cables?

How to install Anchoring Clamps for Aerial Bundled Cables

How to install Mid Span Joints for Aerial Bundled Cables?

How to install Mid Span Joints for Aerial Bundled Cables

How to install Distribution Box for Aerial Bundled Cables?

How to install Distribution Box for Aerial Bundled Cables

Rated voltage

Overhead cable voltage

  • Low voltage is 0.6-1kV
  • Medium voltage is 6-35kV
  • High voltage is 35-500kV
  • Ultra-high pressure is 500-1000kV
  • UHV is 1000kV to higher

Commonly used voltage

Commonly used voltages are generally low pressure and medium voltage. For example: 1kV, 11kv, 35kv, etc.

Aerial bundled cables conductor

Aerial bundled cables conductor is 1/2 (solid) stranded aluminum wire.

Aerial bundled cables size

Aerial bundled cables can be selected from two cores, three cores, and four cores.

Available in different sizes such as 16mm²、25mm²、35mm²、70mm²、95mm²

You can view the details in the Aerial bundled cables size table.

Or you can Contact Us to buy a cable or customize a cable for you.

Aerial bundled cables price

  The price of aerial bundled cables is affected by the floating of raw materials. As a cable manufacturer, SanHeng offers you the lowest price, so you can Contact Us and we will ask you for the price list based on the latest raw material prices.

  Aerial bundled cables are mainly used for power transmission outdoor aerials. SanHeng Cable also provides you with SWA cable for underground laying, household cables for interior decoration, and more. You can Contact Us .

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